Delivery of affordable housing in Kalgoorlie complete

Eight houses, designed and built by Thomas Building, for the Government Regional Officer Housing (Dept of Housing) are complete and have been delivered.

The house and land packages, located adjacent to Kalgoorlie Golf Course, were purchased by Thomas Building and then developed meeting specifications of GROH, including size, air-conditioning, heating etc.

The outcome was eight four bedroom-two bathroom houses, on an average of 560sqm of land, with footprints of approximately 175sqm each.

All of them have been purchased, with seven of them snapped up by Kalgoorlie locals and one from an investor from Esperance. All of them are tenanted on a nine year, plus one year lease, through GROH.

Thomas Building commenced construction in November 2015 and completed the project, with local trades, in June this year. They met all GROH, Shire and local development specifications and guidelines.

The houses are made with a lightweight metal frame, with a mixture of metal cladding and Hardie’s cladding. Thomas Building handed over each house complete with landscaping, carpets and all finishings.